One of the founders of Seal Dog Foundation is Trevor Maroshek (Navy SEAL) and his retired k9 partner Chopper. Trevor and Chopper had the honor of being part of developing MPC by being the original plank owners of the Navy SEAL Multi-purpose Canine program in 2007 with 2 other dog teams. They built the MPC program from the ground up. Because of Chopper’s accomplishments, the Seal MPC program (Navy Seal dog teams) has become the tip of the spear in the dog world and has taken the lead on capabilities of Canines WORLDWIDE, not only in military applications but also in law enforcement due to the amazingly successful accomplishments on and off the battlefield. Seal Dog Foundation has been established to give back to veterans and the k9 community.

Chopper is a multi-purpose Canine. Outside of the combat zone, Chopper and Trevor accomplished new, outside-the-box  techniques of training that were uncommon to the typical working dogs seen in conventional military units and police departments. These training techniques have introduced and established a fantastic, efficient, life-saving capability for operators of all walks of life. Chopper has also won the hearts and minds of Team Guys, veterans and their families, in addition to providing good morale on deployment and in training.

Those involved with our non-profit organization are actively involved and have lived through injuries that are service connected and are dedicated to help wounded veterans

Our credentials! We have qualified backgrounds; not just with military experience with dogs but we also have college credentials to attest to our experience with training dogs

We provide a service for wounded warriors using dogs and a hands on approach.We have the capability of providing service dogs for veterans, in addition to providing basic training up to even the most complex behavior modification with their animals.

It is our life’s honor and goal to serve wounded service members and their families with therapy and service dogs. SDF raises charitable contributions to help provide the placement of trained service dogs with military veterans as well as providing training to help veterans who have dogs that they're training to become their service animal. The Seal Dog Foundation is committed to helping veterans team up with a service dog that can help them with their combat-related injuries including PTSD, TBI and other disabilities. Providing support for veterans and their service dogs is our primary goal and our donations go towards helping us cover the expenses associated with the training, food, veterinary care and transportation of service dogs so that our veterans do not have to pay out of pocket to get the therapy or service dog they need.







Seal Dog Foundation

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